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Black Unicorns is a creative studio focused on branding and print design
Black Unicorns is a collaborative studio gathering professionals from different fields as complementary services. But you'll not find us working in the same place because we all have our own nest! We are a super team of freelancers and established businesses sharing the same philosophy, passions and values, specialized in branding and print design, working side-by-side with small businesses and independent professionals.
Working with Unicorns you can count on a custom journey where you'll be guided to get your project to where it belongs. Believing in a client centred experience, we'll count on your availability and participation to get the best we can give you. You should also count with a remarkable ride through the amazing world of unique graphic solutions that will turn your ideas into meaningful objects, remarkable brands and special projects.
I'm Joana and I'm nuts for chocolate, cookies, raspberries and white teas
I'm Joana, the founder of Black Unicorns and the creative director for your project. I'm a minimal thinker and a truly addicted to black color, old techniques, raw materials and passionate people. I'm nuts for chocolate, cookies, raspberries and white teas and yep, I know Unicorns are white... I painted mine...

I grew up dreaming of being a classical ballet dancer but, somewhere up the road, ended up at ESAD and became a graphic designer. For the past few years, I’ve worked in a few places and projects, made some side work and went to the Faculty of Fine Arts to do my master. I made a lot of workshops here and there of this and that, I moved to New York and realised that my heart belongs in Porto, so I moved back and brought my Unicorn. 

I really love to meet the people I'm working with and learn about their ideas, dreams and expectations. I believe in a tailor-made design where solutions are carefully thought, designed and built envolving every tiny detail. So if you're feeling like a Unicorn too (no matter what color) we should talk!
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