Carlos Mensil

Branding, Web

Carlos Mensil is a Portuguese visual artist work based in Porto.
The visual communication should not overshadow the art pieces, so the brand needed to be clean and sober.
Mensil enjoys playing with visual perception. We kept that characteristic through a digital representation of a lined sheet of paper for the business card, which is deeply connected to his series of pieces painted on stainless steel that also simulated it.

Technique: High quality digital printing on paper
Dimensions: Varied
Date: 2014

I asked to Black Unicorns to think about my identity as a visual artist. It took a lot more time than in the first project (my master thesis book) due to the complexity of this one, so each meeting was extremely important to refine every detail and to personalize the identity. I don't think I need to add anything more as the result speaks for itself.

— Carlos Mensil