black unicorns

Lying behind the glass


Noite Branca – Braga — Show Me – Art Gallery, 2017

with Marta Ramos

Production Peninsular;  Photography Madebypedro


Lying Behind the Glass is the title of a temporary collective exhibition, hosted by Show Me Gallery at an old glass factory in Braga, included in this Braga's big event called Noite Branca. We were asked to make a catalog and a list of artworks with a map for the exhibition so, together with Marta Ramos, we decided to transpose the particular characteristics of the space - the old signs and marks, the grey touch of the walls and floor, and the idea of glass -, and represent it on the graphic options. We kept a simple and minimal look, with vintage typography in a grey scale, playing with shadows and fades to make the association with the glass. We’ve also kept the original architectural plans to keep the memory of the space and used an old binding on the book to remind us of the old times.