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Maria & Artur

wedding invite


Maria and Artur are a young couple leaving in London and returning to their origins to get married close to their loved ones. They were looking for a special out-of-the-box invitation that guests wouldn’t just put aside and that was the whole idea of the project.
Gathering the idea of traveling, and the nostalgia of the distance when working in another country, with the old typical Portuguese air mail, we decided to play with paper and illustration and turn a simple invite into a cool object.
We made a paper plane, like the ones we used to do in our childhood, and painted it as a Portuguese air mail envelope. On the inside we placed the text, so it was hidden when the plane is armed, and attached a discrete translucent paper with the directions, as it is the only thing invitees needed on the big day. We wrapped it with a white cotton yard, where we’ve labeled the guests name, perfect to suspend the little plane in a special spot!
If you’re getting married or thinking on some big party, we would be glad to get along your ideas and make your wishes come true!
  • Maria & Artur
  • Maria & Artur
  • Maria & Artur
  • Maria & Artur
  • Maria & Artur

Year: 2014
Photography: MADEBYPEDRO

We couldn't be happier! We were really excited to give the invites and everyone loved it! Joana embraces the projects with all her heart and that makes the process an amazing experience.