O falso ready-made


Carlos Mensil is a Portuguese visual artist work based in Porto. For his master thesis object, in which he explored the relevance of the support on painting, we’ve played with the “support” concept. The master thesis cover resulted as a subtle joke, since it’s the only place where Carlos ever used canvas in is whole work.
We decided to join both parts of his thesis - theoretical and practical - in one single object. We made a reversal book in which one side contains the investigation and the other a catalog with the work developed.

Technique: Hardcover - Digital printing on canvas
Interior: Digital printing on Munken Print White 100gr
Assembling: Artisanal bookbinding
Dimensions: 23 x 16,5 x 2,5 cm
Date: 2012

The first time I worked with Black Unicorns was shortly before my master thesis defence. I was looking for an object that could make a link between theoretical and practical work, consistent with the convictions I was exploring in my research. BU wore my shoes in such a way that the work couldn't be more in line with my expectations. From the idea to the materialisation of the object, from the studio to the printer, from the fabric shop to the bookbinder, I'm sure we couldn't have done better.

— Carlos Mensil