Retrato Robot


Marina’s dissertation focused on robot portraits inside the Drawing and Printmaking Master Degree was a delightful project to work on.
Thinking about the idea of an old criminal archive, like the ones she explored during the investigation, we’ve looked for an object with that particular appearance, not only on the cover but also inside. We’ve worked with a basic and classic grid and typography, with black and white images and photographs.
The object was digitally printed inside, on Canson paper, and the cover was silk screened on canvas, all book bound by hand with artisanal methods.

Technique: Hardcover: silk screening on linen fabric
Interior: digital printing on Canson paper 100gr
Assembling: artisanal bookbinding
Dimensions: 28,5 x 20,5 x 3 cm
Date: 2011

Black Unicorns’ studio is the place where dreams can easily turn into symbols and cult objects. There are no limits to creativity and this is usually thought to satisfy the most dreamy and delirious minds. That was the feeling I had when I handed a ream of A4 paper sheets to BU hoping to turn my master's thesis into a book that would arouse the reader's curiosity. The goal was largely achieved and today I still like browsing through my work for the sheer pleasure of sliding the sheets of paper and enjoy all the care for the graphic work.

— Marina Vale de Guedes